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How quickly will I get an offer on my property?

HOUSES BOUGHT (HB) have the expertise within the property sector to present an offer as advertised. Request a cash sale and we will contact you right away (within four working hours). A sale could be agreed within a matter of hours with everything processed within just days if the nature of sale is urgent. HB can offer an extended period (if you prefer), so you don’t feel pressured into a sale, as there are many options available to choose.


How do you value property?

A member of HOUSES BOUGHT will ask questions about the property such as the location, condition, and any previous work completed on the property. The in house valuation procedure determines an accurate valuation in real-time for clients to review. There is no obligation to accept the offer, however if you requiring a quick house sale with a reliable source to assist, then you have the promise of HOUSES BOUGHT.


How quickly will I receive funds for my home?

The record for transferring funds for purchasing property is three days after the initial enquiry, however the standard period is between 4 – 6 weeks from start to completion.


What type of properties do you purchase?

HOUSES BOUGHT consider properties in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, regardless of condition, new, old, detached, terraced, bungalow, house, or flat – If you want to sell for cash you may consider a simplified approach via the service provided via HOUSES BOUGHT. “The faster and guaranteed alternative sale to using an estate agent”.


What are the Fees Or Costs?

HOUSES BOUGHT do NOT charge throughout the entire process! HOUSES BOUGHT will also cover the legal and survey costs associated with selling your property (up to £500.00).


Who completes the paperwork?

An independent  and locally based Law Society approved solicitor will represent you. Where it is a quick property purchase, ensure all paperwork is completed promptly and returned to your solicitor, to guarantee a swift sale.


Is it confidential?

Yes, absolutely. No For Sale board, local advertising or internet advertising is required  for your property. This is a straight forward house purchase. Once the sale has completed, some information is made public by the Land Registry.  This is common practice for every sold property in the UK, whether using an estate agent or not.


How long have you been operating?

HOUSES BOUGHT have been assisting property owners throughout England and Wales since 2003.




Why sell via Houses Bought?

HB are leading property buyers for home owners requiring a prompt solution that is ethical and guaranteed to save energy and time. With a proven track record of purchases, Houses Bought guarantee you an offer on your home and that your transactions will be completed quickly and efficiently.


The personnel receive regular training and comprise some of the biggest experts in the field of property and personal development. The team have experience on a national level and have been trained to deal with all circumstances and situations, whether moving overseas or going through divorce, Houses Bought can help.


What are some of the benefits of selling my house this way?

Selling your house with Houses Bought could save energy, money and time. Selling your property in the market place through estate agents may take months to get an offer on your house and even after months of prospective buyers through your property, you still may not find the buyer that you are looking for, or the price.


HB WILL save you money in the long run by cutting out the costs of an estate agent. If your property is on the market for up to six months that is six months of agents fees, advertising and property upkeep. With Houses Bought, your property is purchased for CASH.

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